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If you are in the watchstrap & bracelets market, www.watchstrap.com is the ideal place to make bussiness on-line.
Through the pages of www.watchstrap.com you get the opportunity to:
  1. Promote your products worldwide in a vast expanding market, taking advantage of our experienced marketeers:
    • The INTERnet PRESentations Company, which is in charge for the promotion, quarantees the efficiency of your cyber marketing in www.watchstrap.com
    • On the other hand, if you want a professional look for your website, NETisART is our exclusive partner in Web Design
  2. Find retailers of your products worldwide and cost effective. Our company's geographical position give competitive advantage to your products to find the proper resellers in fast growing markets, such as Middle East, East Europe, etc...
  3. Sell direct your watchstraps & bracelets if they meet our quality specifications, to local and international market through the pages of our CyberMall in www.watchstrap.com
    In this case we cooperate with you in creating, cost effective, your pages, showing your products worldwide.
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